Do You Want to Know the Real Meaning of GAMSAT?

Do You Want to Know the Real Meaning of GAMSAT?

Marriage life separates us from our friends. We get very little opportunities to speak to them. We have many other family commitments. In the midst of all busy schedules, I thought of spending time with my friend. It was a great opportunity to recollect our evergreen memories. Also we got chance to discuss about the new medical entrance test called GAMSAT. I got amazed to hear that it gives chance for non science student to become a Doctor. I would like to share about this exam.

GAMSAT is a medical entrance test. It helps to select the very best candidates for medical schools to do medicine. It is a standardized exam. It has created to be tough. It stands for Graduate Australian Medical School Admission test. ACER (Australian council for Educational Research) conducts this exam once in every year. It has introduced in the medical schools in Australia. Later English and Irish medical schools adapted this exam pattern to choose the potential candidates to do medicine.

The structure of GAMSAT:

GAMSAT has three different sections. They test your ability to study medicine. Ultimately, GAMSAT tests your intellectual property and subject knowledge. The main idea of this exam is to test your reasoning and problem solving ability.

Section1 test your reasoning skills in humanities and social science. Section 2 tests your English written communication skills. Section 3 tests your reasoning and problem solving ability in Science. Section 1 and 3 are multiple choice questions. These MCQs are based on passages, diagram and mathematical representations. Section 2 has essay writing topics.

Candidates who are completed their under graduation are eligible to sit GAMSAT. There is no restriction on disciplines. Students from any major can write this test. This test has created to select the very best candidates from a wide pool of students from different majors. Even an ESL student can sit GAMSAT.

The benefits of GAMSAT:
1. It gives chance for students from any major to study medicine.

2. It enhances your thought process in the right direction.

3. The capability of analysing and reasoning skills dramatically increases once you go through this test.

4. It helps non science students to learn basic concepts in Science. It will be a good start for them to study Medicine.

5. It gives opportunity to find talented candidates from all majors. The world is receiving more number of doctors every year with this open exam method. It is good for the countries which don’t have sufficient doctors and proper medical facilities.

I got inspired by this test. It is wonderful for people who missed their chances. It was one of the reasons to switch my career from customer support representative to medicine. I tried and got failed in my first attempt. Now I am successfully learnt about the inside out of GAMSAT. It is the toughest exam. I am in progress of preparing for my GAMSAT second attempt.

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