Main types of varsity jacket that you need to know

Main types of varsity jacket that you need to know

The varsity jacket stereotype of crazed meatheads as well as brainy bookworms is a story as old itself. Jocks as well as nerds have differences. However, one of the best things the subcultures have such common is a perfect sense of style.

We all know that a high school letterman jacket is not just an ordinary jacket. Students have an emotional attachment to it. It is not only about emotional attachment because a varsity jacket also represents the sports achievements of a student and that is why it is very close to every student’s heart. If you are also worried that how you can preserve your letterman jacket, then you are at the right place because we are here to help you with some incredible tips that you have to try and you are gonna love them.

Varsity Jacket- The Perfect Outwear to Wear

If there is any garment that sums it up perfectly, it must be a varsity jacket. It is fascinating to know that collegiate classic is rooted in Ivy League cool. When the jacket is styled correctly, you can make a powerful teammate. Storing the letterman jacket in the right place is essential. If you are wondering that what is the right place then we surely have the answer for you. It is a well-ventilated closet or box.

In terms of types of lettermen jacket, it comes with leather sleeves. It has also a hybrid category that involves wool. However, do not store it in your basement or garage because those places are not well-ventilated and your letterman jacket will get damaged if placed there for a long time. So, the best way is to store in a well-ventilated place. Also, make sure you clean and wash the varsity jacket before storing it.

You Must Know the Hanging technique

Never fold your letterman jacket. When you have to store it, always hang it. It prevents creases and keeps the jacket in a good condition. On top of that, you can pad the sleeve of your letterman with tissues that are acid-free. This will also prevent all the folds and creases. Also, keep a check on your jacket after some time to make sure that the jacket is maintained in good condition and there is no damage due to weather conditions or even pets.


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