What Are Lawn Mushrooms?

What Are Lawn Mushrooms?

Do you see mushrooms appearing in the center of your beautiful green lawn? Lawns that are healthy and green will look unsightly with those mushrooms appearing in their midst. Lawn mushrooms are products of grass fungi that infested your lawn. They are not only unattractive but some grass fungi can actually kill your grass.

Thus when you see mushrooms and some yellowing in your grass, you have to be alarmed.

Lawn mushrooms feed on old mulch, animal waste and rotting tree stumps. If these particles are present in your lawn, you will surely see mushrooms appearing all the time.

When you see mushroom, it is an indication that grass fungi is present in and around the lawn.

You have to eradicate the grass fungi and what is causing the lawn mushroom to appear. Clean up the lawn by taking away decaying matters in your lawn.

While you may get rid of the mushrooms when they appear, buy bulk mushrooms you have to ensure that you will take away from your lawn the decaying matters that the mushroom thrived on.

You may also need to do aeration and dethatching to ensure that there are no more alien particles within the lawn that will cause problems later on.

Lawn mushrooms can spread spores in other areas of your lawn. Thus, even if you get rid of the lawn mushroom that appeared, you will again see mushroom coming out in other areas.

The important thing to do is perform regular maintenance including aeration which helps strengthen the grass roots and keep it absorbing nutrients and water.

You may also need to perform dethatching because those webby, spongy materials will invite grass fungus that may cause not just the springing of lawn mushrooms but may even kill the grass in your lawn.

When you take away lawn mushrooms put them in a plastic bag to ensure that spores will not spread any further.

This is the main reason why in some lawns, even if they are able to get rid of lawn mushrooms, later on some new once keep springing.

If you continuously get lawn mushroom problems even if you have cleaned up your lawn, took away decaying matters, placed the lawn mushrooms you gotten rid of in a plastic bag and disposed of away from the lawn, then may be its time to use fungicides.

You are continuously having lawn mushroom problems because there are grass fungi thriving in your lawn. Use a fungicide to your lawn and take off the dead grass fungi. Keep them at bay by gathering up the mushrooms and other fungi matters and disposing it off away from your lawn.

Finally, regular maintenance and overseeding your lawn will help you keep your healthy and dense grass growing. Diseases and pests may find it hard to conquer your lawn if you are careful with it.

Finally, mowing regularly, aeration and dethatching all contribute to a healthy turf. Lawn mushroom and other grass fungi may not find a place within your dense and beautiful lawn. Regular maintenance is always necessary.

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